About Lakshnas Pooja Room door

Lakshnas is a term that portrays elegance and auspiciousness derived from the ancient language of Sanskrit. As the name conveys, the pooja room door and the designs exhibit a quality of piousness blended in the form of fine craftsmanship.

Pooja room Mandapam

Pooja mandapam is the miniature form of a temple gopuram that acts as an entrance gateway to the place of worship. These mandapams are integrated with the pooja room door designs for home to bring out traditional and authentic vibes of a pooja space. There are a variety of classic, luxurious and minimal styles to choose from.

Pooja Room Door

Artisticks pooja room door come with a variety of embellishments and adornments that are flexible and customizable according to the overall interior design of the space. Be it contemporary or traditional, these decorative elements give life to the pooja doors ambiance in ways unimagined before. The puja door embellishments are designed to cater to the personal sentiments of the client in a holistic manner.

Pooja Room Door
Bell Accessories

Accessories such as door bells become an integral part of doors for pooja room that bring in a shared sense of serenity. As noted scientifically, a bell’s ring clears our mind and helps us stay sharp and keep our mind focused on devotion while in the pooja space. The significance of this idea is elaborately brought out in the collective design of bells as accessories on the door for pooja room. Pooja room single door with bells and glass accessories range through varied media, finishes, shapes and forms. Each door for pooja room design is given due attention keeping in mind the aesthetics, reliability to each home.



Artistick’s Proudly Presents LAKSHNAS (auspicious,holy,Lakshmi) puja room door design
collections set of traditionally designed and meticulously crafted puja room accessories to meet the unique expectations of our spiritually inclined clients

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