SUMUKHI - Wall Mirror

Sumukhi is a word derived from the ancient language of Sanskrit that relates to objects with an essence of reflection and beauty. The term is aptly chosen to brand our mirrors that speak similar qualities of grace and merit.



Design Style

  • Classical Mirror
  • Contemporary Mirror
  • Art Mirror

Classical Mirror

As the name suggests, classical mirrors represent an exemplary standard within a traditional and long-established form or style. These can be visualized to resonate with spaces of conventional art and culture. Classical mirrors can notably be used in spaces such as a traditionally styled house or even thematic restaurants.

Contemporary Mirror

Our collection of contemporary mirrors have a wide range of designs that are minimal and suitable for any kind of modern spaces in the present-day scenario. The spectrum is extended from the shape, framing and non-framing of the mirrors with different materials and sizes that are customizable to the needs of the interior design of a space. These mirrors can be adopted for all building typologies alike.

Art Mirror

An art mirror possesses the dual role of a conventional mirror and that of an art installation. These art mirrors can enlighten a space with their ornamental character along with the permutations and combinations of their composition. They can also be used in tiny spaces to create an illusion of them being bigger. They can be potential components of a living room, vestibule, reception space, resting lounge, restaurants, art museums and several more spaces. The decorative mirrors finished with brass are a great value-add to the living room.

Arulmigu Vadapalani Temple Project
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