About Phadi Railing

Phadi are described as such after having taken inspiration from the Hindi word ‘ Pahadi’, which means ‘A hill’ and Tamil word “Padi” which means steps. The backbone of the act of climbing is attributed to the railing. The ensemble of Phadi brass railings constitutes various types of banisters in diverse media, finishes, shapes and concepts.

Intermediate Pillars

Our Collection of Intermediate pillars comprises of Banisters in places where brass railing terminates its direction for an alternative direction, as seen in large brass staircase railings. Such pillar design not only ensures seamlessness but also indicates a pause in its continuity. It involves elements that emphasize both verticality and horizontality in balanced proportions.

Railing Balusters

A baluster is a decorative pillar forming part of a series supporting a brass stair rail or coping. This style of a brass staircase railing plays with the verticality of the form and accentuates it. They can be conceived as synchronization with the treads of a staircase.

Modular Railing

The modular staircase railing is the avant-garde development in railing production. They contain modules of design that can be replicated on any scale of space. The principal design contains horizontal elements in the form of panels that can be cast in any desired shape or pattern. They are recessed with minimal linear supports to enhance the design in a holistic manner. The flexibility and contemporaneity of this collection make it the most sought-after product and is remarkable.

Glass Railing

Glass railings are the most minimal and immaculate variety. They are ideal for institutional and residential establishments and are useful for expanding the views and vistas of a place. They can be both executive and aesthetical depending upon the environment they are incorporated in. Addition of frosted glass patterns and metallic intermediates enhances the overall character of the railing.

Classical Brass Railing

Classical Brass railing embodies the case for outstanding detail and embellishment amalgamated to conventional vertical elements in a railing. These components act as both supports as well as elements for aesthetics. They are well formulated to celebrate the grandeur of a staircase. They come in different patterns – linear or curved, sizes and finishes.

Starting Pillars

The starting pillar is a crucial component in the design of a railing. Apart from acting as the main support system, they also contribute in the way a staircase is perceived. The collection of starting pillars includes a wide range of options with varied attributes like contemporary, modern, classical and traditional. Each piece is crafted in a unique fashion to be able to blend in and add beauty to any kind of ambience.


Showcasing at ACETECH Hyderabad -2020