Massive Tree Wall Mural Honoring 11,300 Employees at ICF Administrative Building

Wall Mural Decor

“Art has the power to transform, to illuminate, to educate, inspire and motivate – Harvey Fierstein”

There is no denying the fact that art in any form can serve as a powerful tool of transformation.  It offers opportunities to spur thought, spark conversations, connect and engage a diverse group of people and inspire them to work towards a common objective.  Hence, it is no surprise that art plays a key role in workspaces and offices.  And one of the best ways of incorporating art in offices is through murals.  Fascinating and visually engaging, murals are an ancient form of art which involves painting directly on an external substrate which includes walls and ceilings.  Originating from the Latin word “murus”, murals incorporate a plethora of techniques including encaustic painting, fresco painting, ceramics, inlay work and even fired porcelain enamel.  Murals are a great idea if you are looking to give your workspace a lively, energetic vibe.  They not only give the space an instant makeover but also help spark wonder, encourage creativity and inspire positive action from the employees. 

Exclusive Wall murals from Artistick’s

We at Artistick’s are specialists in creating customized murals for our clients which are both aesthetic as well as unique.  Walls often serve as blank canvases and are a perfect platform for us to execute the vision of our clients.  Arguably one of our most satisfying projects in the recent past was the one we completed for the Integral Coach Factory (ICF) in Chennai.  A pioneer in the manufacturing of rail coaches, ICF, Chennai is one of the four rake production units of the Indian Railways and has been in existence since 1955.  With over 2000 coaches rolled out this financial year, ICF has been instrumental in conceiving and launching the much-coveted train “Vande Bharath”

We were commissioned to execute the special “Family Tree” mural in the administrative block of ICF, Chennai and our artists worked tirelessly to bring this vision to reality.  Handcrafted in White Metal Antique Finish, the mural is a whopping 8 feet tall and Tree Size W 125″X H 80″ & back side work CNC size W 220″X H 56″ feet wide.  Articulated in the form of a tree with a strong trunk and extensive branches reaching out in all directions, this mural is a symbol of growth, progress and the power of team work.  It took a total of 30 days to complete this masterpiece with close to 15 talented artisans working tirelessly on the project.  Unarguably the best part of the piece is the incorporation of the faces of all 11,300 employees towards the bottom half of the mural.  This has been seamlessly done making it an integral part of the mural.  It is key to note that this is not only an extension of the artwork but a crucial element that acknowledges the invaluable contribution of each employee towards the growth of the organization.  This is also the reason the mural is aptly named “Family Tree”. 

 Mural: a Tool for Fostering a Culture of Empathy and Openness

The mural crafted in muted tones of aureate, honey and blonde, has managed to exude an ambience of positivity and cheer in the workspace.   Needless to mention, it has elevated the aesthetic quotient of the space exponentially considering it was earlier used by the janitor and housekeeping team to store their wares.  The space has now become a selfie hotspot for employees who are joyous to find themselves on the “family tree”.  According to the management, the artwork has definitely ignited a feeling of pride and ownership amongst the employees while reinforcing a spirit of communion and teamwork.  It has been successful in serving as a subtle transformational tool in shunning the conventional controlling culture to encouraging a more open and consultative approach.   An ideal example of art being used to bring about a positive change. 

It has been an extremely exciting and fulfilling project for us, considering that our artwork has been instrumental in bringing a change in the right direction.  While it has definitely beautified the space, the deeper impact it has had on the work culture and environment has given us immense satisfaction.  This has only reinforced our belief that art is versatile and that its power cannot be under estimated. It can be an effective catalyst for inspiring positive change and motivate individuals to put their best foot forward.  Art can surely alter perspectives, facilitate exchanges, promote teamwork allowing people of an organization to imagine better solutions for a brighter tomorrow. 

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