10 Main Door Design For Home From the House of Artisticks

For The Perfect First Impression

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression – Will Rogers”

It is often said that first impressions often last and when it comes to your home, the first impression starts with the front door. Well, this is definitely the case as the main entrance is one of the key areas of your space and serves as the gateway to your home. So make sure you get this impression right by choosing the ideal front door design for your house. Depending on the overall design philosophy of your home, choose a main door for home design that reflects the same design ethos and aesthetics such that all the elements of your space are in sync.

Main door design

Key Factors To Consider

Whether ornate, simple, enigmatic or elegant, the main door of your home should be a reflection of your taste and personality. Nevertheless, you need to ensure that the door is sturdy, easy to use and fitted with a reliable lock. After all, the main function of the front door is to keep the house secure and protect it from the vagaries of the weather be it sun or rain. Once you have these factors checked in, it is time for you to zero in on the actual door design of which the visual component is a major part. We at Artisticks have a wide variety of front door designs to suit your needs and requirements.

Unique Yet Traditional Designs

As with all our brands and products the Dwari range of doors range from the contemporary to the traditional. Based on your requirements you can choose from the magnificent double door range or the classic single door. The wooden tones not only lend a warm, earthy look but also exude an inviting vibe which is ideal for any front door. The designs are exquisite and a provide a perfect balance of aesthetics and functionality.

If your design philosophy is traditional bordering on the grandiose choose our double doors replete with ergonomic handles and handcrafted brass embellishments. The embellishments are detailed, characterized by impeccable craftsmanship and finishing. The designs are ethnic and have a timeless appeal. A picture of magnificence, Dwari doors are a perfect prelude to your traditional Indian home.

In case you are someone who prefers the fuss free single doors, we have several options here as well. These doors have intricate embellishments with unusual designs including flower and peacock motifs that are elaborate and grand. Complementing this are ornate handles as well as door frames that are richly carved. Dwari doors are an ideal choice if you are into traditional art and craft.

Minimalistic Magic

If understated elegance and sophistication is your style, go in for our doors with chic designs that are again perfectly finished. Choose from simple geometric designs, graceful motifs and refined filigree work. The brass and copper hues accentuate the design and makes it ideal for the customer with a discerning taste. Needless to mention, just like all Dwari doors, the finesse and attention to detail is noteworthy.

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Main door design for home
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