Reverence and Auspiciousness of Gajalakshmi in Pooja Room at Home

Invoking the Goddess of Wealth and Power: Gajalakshmi

It is often said that the act of praying is to communicate with the essence. Wrapped in faith and hope, praying and worshipping the divine is intrinsic to our culture and is known to invoke positive vibes in our homes. Among the Gods and Goddess in the Hindu Pantheon, Goddess Lakshmi is arguably one of the most important and prominent deities who is worshipped universally throughout the country. The divine consort of Lord Vishnu, Goddess Lakshmi is known to be the universal symbol of wealth, prosperity, good fortune and auspiciousness. Known to bestow Her devotees with abundance, grace and blessings, Goddess Lakshmi is also referred to as Mahalakshmi and is believed to have eight forms.  Each of the forms, namely Dhana Lakshmi, Vijaya Lakshmi, Dhanya Lakshmi, Gaja Lakshmi, Vidya Lakshmi, Adi Lakshmi, Veera Lakshmi and Santana Lakshmi have a special significance.  And one of the most powerful of these forms is Goddess Gajalakshmi.

Epitome of Royalty and Power

Considered highly auspicious, Goddess Gajalakshmi is ubiquitously worshipped and hence a Gajalakshmi statue or a Gajalakshmi idol is often found in homes, shops, establishments, trading centers and the like.  She is a picture of calm and radiance and is depicted with four arms and is flanked by two white elephants on either side. The elephants are seen showering Her with holy water. She is portrayed carrying lotuses in two of Her hands, while the other two are in the Abhaya Mudra and Varada Mudra positions.

According to mythology, Gajendra, the divine elephant and Goddess Lakshmi often offered prayers to Lord Vishnu together. However, due to his large size, the pace of the elephant was a little slower when compared to Goddess Lakshmi due to which he could not perform the rituals as quickly as Her.  Witnessing this, Lord Vishnu then requested Goddess Lakshmi to join him so that they could offer prayers together and thus was born this avatar of Goddess Lakshmi.  Believed to be highly powerful, Gajalakshmi is also known to have restored all the lost wealth of Lord Indra when She arose from the Samudra Manthana or the churning of the cosmic ocean.

Aura of Positive Vibes

Worshipping Gajalakshmi at home is considered to be highly auspicious and invokes vibes of positivity and progress.   Always remember to place the Gajalakshmi idol or the Gajalakshmi statue in the pooja room and in the northeastern direction.  Offering of brightly coloured flowers and lamps is known to appease the Goddess.  Ghee lamps are also considered extremely sacred and are often lit during the pooja which is conducted on Friday evening.  It is a ritual to chant Lakshmi Ashtothram followed by an offering of naivedyam, mangalarthi and finally the lighting of incense sticks.  Fridays are considered to be holy for the Goddess and the pooja is believed to bring in abundance of wealth and prosperity.  Thus, it is common to witness Friday evening Lakshmi pooja in offices and business establishments where an offering of puffed rice is made to the Goddess and then distributed to everyone as prasadam.  It is key to remember that while you may keep the Gajalakshmi idol or Gajalakshmi statue in your home, it is more important to ensure that your house is clean and clutter free for it is believed that the Goddess will stay in a house that is neat and tidy. 

Gajalakshmi Offerings by Artisticks

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