Reverence and Auspiciousness of Gajalakshmi in Pooja Room at Home

Invoking the Goddess of Wealth and Power: Gajalakshmi

It is often said that the act of praying is to communicate with the essence. Wrapped in faith and hope, praying and worshipping the divine is intrinsic to our culture and is known to invoke positive vibes in our homes. Among the Gods and Goddess in the Hindu Pantheon, Goddess Lakshmi is arguably one of the most important and prominent deities who is worshipped universally throughout the country. The divine consort of Lord Vishnu, Goddess Lakshmi is known to be the universal symbol of wealth, prosperity, good fortune and auspiciousness. Known to bestow Her devotees with abundance, grace and blessings, Goddess Lakshmi is also referred to as Mahalakshmi and is believed to have eight forms.  Each of the forms, namely Dhana Lakshmi, Vijaya Lakshmi, Dhanya Lakshmi, Gaja Lakshmi, Vidya Lakshmi, Adi Lakshmi, Veera Lakshmi and Santana Lakshmi have a special significance.  And one of the most powerful of these forms is Goddess Gajalakshmi.

Epitome of Royalty and Power

Considered highly auspicious, Goddess Gajalakshmi is ubiquitously worshipped and hence a Gajalakshmi statue or a Gajalakshmi idol is often found in homes, shops, establishments, trading centers and the like.  She is a picture of calm and radiance and is depicted with four arms and is flanked by two white elephants on either side. The elephants are seen showering Her with holy water. She is portrayed carrying lotuses in two of Her hands, while the other two are in the Abhaya Mudra and Varada Mudra positions.

According to mythology, Gajendra, the divine elephant and Goddess Lakshmi often offered prayers to Lord Vishnu together. However, due to his large size, the pace of the elephant was a little slower when compared to Goddess Lakshmi due to which he could not perform the rituals as quickly as Her.  Witnessing this, Lord Vishnu then requested Goddess Lakshmi to join him so that they could offer prayers together and thus was born this avatar of Goddess Lakshmi.  Believed to be highly powerful, Gajalakshmi is also known to have restored all the lost wealth of Lord Indra when She arose from the Samudra Manthana or the churning of the cosmic ocean.

Aura of Positive Vibes

Worshipping Gajalakshmi at home is considered to be highly auspicious and invokes vibes of positivity and progress.   Always remember to place the Gajalakshmi idol or the Gajalakshmi statue in the pooja room and in the northeastern direction.  Offering of brightly coloured flowers and lamps is known to appease the Goddess.  Ghee lamps are also considered extremely sacred and are often lit during the pooja which is conducted on Friday evening.  It is a ritual to chant Lakshmi Ashtothram followed by an offering of naivedyam, mangalarthi and finally the lighting of incense sticks.  Fridays are considered to be holy for the Goddess and the pooja is believed to bring in abundance of wealth and prosperity.  Thus, it is common to witness Friday evening Lakshmi pooja in offices and business establishments where an offering of puffed rice is made to the Goddess and then distributed to everyone as prasadam.  It is key to remember that while you may keep the Gajalakshmi idol or Gajalakshmi statue in your home, it is more important to ensure that your house is clean and clutter free for it is believed that the Goddess will stay in a house that is neat and tidy. 

Gajalakshmi Offerings by Artisticks

If you are looking to buy the ideal Gajalakshmi idol, Gajalakshmi statue or Gajalakshmi panel for your pooja space, look no further than the house of Artisticks.  We offer an entire range of ornately crafted door panels that are the perfect accessory for your pooja room door or pooja room space.  These bespoke pieces are thoughtfully designed with a touch of exclusivity and is sure to add an element of sophisticated elegance to your home.  With utmost attention to detail, these pieces are impeccably finished and are crafted in a variety of materials including brass and copper.  The designs seamlessly integrate tradition and functionality and are amenable to a wide range of design sensibilities whether modern or ethnic.  These Gajalakshmi panels are sure to not only elevate the aesthetics of your pooja space but also add a touch of divinity to your home.  So, what are you waiting for?  Check out the Artisticks website for more details and invoke the blessings of Goddess Gajalakshmi for your abode today.

Significance of AshtaLakshmi in Pooja Room Door Designs in India

Ashta Lakshmi

A powerful and highly auspicious manifestation of Shakti (the divine feminine), Goddess Lakshmi is often referred to as the Goddess of wealth and prosperity. She is the consort of Lord Vishnu and is worshipped in eight unique forms, each of whom bestows a specific kind of wealth.  Here is a look at the eight forms of Lakshmi, commonly called Ashtalakshmi”.

1.Adhi Lakshmi

Adhi means “first”; hence, Adhi Lakshmi is said to be the primordial form of the Goddess.  She is the embodiment of compassion and is always ready to aid those who live every moment striving towards the ultimate spiritual aim of life.  She helps a person attain life’s foremost objective i.e. freedom from the cycle of death and rebirth.  She is thus known also as Moksha Pradayani or one who bestows liberation.

2.Dhana Lakshmi

While the literal translation of Dhana is “wealth” in terms of money, gold, property etc., Dhana also refers to qualities like willpower, strength, courage, determination and perseverance. Dhana Lakshmi is believed to favour devotees who work hard by providing them with wealth and prosperity. She is known to be the storehouse of all the universe’s wealth and helps devotees who are sincere and persevere despite all difficulties

3.Dhanya Lakshmi

Dhanya means “blessed,” and as life would be impossible without food, Dhanya Lakshmi blesses her devotees with the great fortune of agricultural wealth. Devotees, in turn, show their gratitude by honouring her before partaking in meals and by offering food to others who are in need of the same.

4.Gaja Lakshmi

Flanked on either side by elephants and sitting on a lotus, Gaja Lakshmi was traditionally worshipped by farmers whose cows and bulls would provide dairy and till the land. She is worshipped for good rain and to alleviate poverty.  Gaja which means elephant signifies power and royalty and Gaja Lakshmi is widely believed to be the giver and protector of wealth, prosperity, grace and royalty.

5.Santhana Lakshmi

Traditionally prayed by couples desiring children, Santhana Lakshmi (santhana meaning “progeny,” or “children”) symbolizes fertility and happiness.  She also signifies the ferocity of a protective mother and fulfils the desire of those longing for an offspring. 

6.Veera Lakshmi

A symbol of bravery and valour, Veera Lakshmi blesses her devotees with the strength required to overcome obstacles. Wielding a medley of weapons, she is also called Dhairya Lakshmi (‘dhairya’ means courage) and is known to grant one the fearlessness needed to persevere through life’s ups and downs.  She is believed to favour those who resolve to remain determined and optimistic in all circumstances

7.Vidya Lakshmi

As Vidya means “knowledge,” this form of Lakshmi bestows one with wisdom and intellectual development. For those who are troubled by self-doubt and insecurity, Vidya Lakshmi is known to bring knowledge to foster mental resilience and will power.   More importantly, she also provides divine wisdom to those who are looking to spiritually transform their lives.

8.Vijaya Lakshmi

Vijaya Lakshmi, whose first name means “victory,” is a bestower of success and instills devotees with hope and inspiration.  Vijaya Lakshmi favours those who maintain a positive attitude in the face of adversities and blesses them with happiness and success. 

In general, the presence of Goddess Lakshmi can be invoked by maintaining cleanliness, offering flowers and lighting lamps. Always remember to pray with purity, sincerity, gratitude and utmost devotion.

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Should Your Pooja Room Have Doors?

First of all, make sure the Pooja room has a door. A mandir without a door is simply like the other rooms of the house and no more sacred – God deserves their space!

How to decorate Pooja’s room?

Choose a distinctive Pooja door design, create a beautiful backdrop for the Pooja room, Use effective lighting and Fix some door accessories, idols, and bells.

What type of metal is best for Pooja door accessories?

Brass is good for puja and Decorative items at home. The Vedic texts have showcased the use of brass metal to attract positivity and abundance in life.

How Can Artisticks Help You?

We hope that our list of door accessories has helped you to know which type of design would best match your style and needs for your Pooja Room.

Artisticks will be back with the next blog soon, till then, stay tuned!

Pooja Room Door Design

Pooja room door design

10 Unique Pooja Room Door Designs

An Indian home can’t be made attractive unless it contains a perfectly matching Pooja room. Given its importance to all homes, the pooja room designs are always deliberated over multiple times. And the best pooja room ideas are always available right here at our Artisticks’ website. Each mandir room design is given due attention keeping in mind the aesthetics, reliability, and suitability to each home. Begin your auspicious journey of selecting the elegant Pooja room designs for your home with Artisticks.

Metal Pooja Room Door Accessories

For those who would rather prefer a simple, neat and engaging design for the Pooja room doors in their house, this design from the Artisticks’ ticks all the required boxes. The two lotus motifs at the top surround the motif of goddess Laxmi, and various other symbols and signs associated with the gods are well-placed neatly in this design to give your home a simple, neat, and beautiful look.

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Modern Pooja Room Door With Metal Panel

The sleek and modern look of this Pooja room design is ideal for those looking for a design that brings in the concept of minimalism. Its clear transparent glass enables you to worship the deities without getting into the space every time you wish to take blessings or offer prayers.  Product always available right here at Artistick’s, this design is sure to give your Pooja room a bright and peaceful feeling.

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Aesthetic Pooja Room Door With Metal Accessories

This gorgeous design makes its impact instantly, thanks to its grandeur. The magnificence of this Pooja room with door design is sure to grab attention of all your guests. This design also has two grand motifs of deities at the sides of the doors, emphasizing its overall spiritual vibe. It also has space for Bell accessories. Make a grand impact with this design now available right here at Artisticks

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Contemporary Pooja Room Door Design

One more way to exaggerate the importance of your modern Pooja room is with this design available at Artisticks’. The door frame is thick and wide, which helps in stability and gives the whole design a fresh bold look. The handles are shaped in a way to resemble the ‘Veena’, a delight for the music lovers at your home.Give your home a bold and ‘musical-ly’ feel with this design.

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Antique Pooja Room Door Design For Indian Homes

The top part of this Pooja room design has a beautiful motif of goddess Laxmi – the god of wealth –found in most homes. The Kalash motifs are neatly arranged in the door frame of this design. All Indian homes having this design speak of simple and bold design preference. Bring in the aura of the gods into your home with this design available at Artisticks.

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Artistic Temple Room Door Design

If you’re looking for a tall and traditional design for the pooja mandir designs for your home, then this must be your perfect choice. The design brings in a traditional South Indian look to your beautiful home. It also houses the goddess Laxmi at the top, and two kalash motifs at the bottom which give your spiritual place an atmosphere of the divine and the gods, even before entering the Pooja room in your house.

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Pooja Room Door With Metallic Touch

This is yet another pooja room ideas in living room which consists of the goddess Laxmi at the top. The design of the door is modern and bold – the floor-to-ceiling thick door frame gives it the boldness and the neatly carved wood in the door brings in the modern look. Let your homes speak of a modern and bold look with this Pooja room design available at Artisitcks’.

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Pooja Mandir Door Design With Astalakshmi

Don’t get deterred by the small size of your home as this new design now comes to your rescue. This portable pooja mandir design for halls is unique in its own way, as it houses only one Deity, The Lord Astalakshmi, who is worshiped before making any new beginnings. The thick base, four pillars at the sides and the top part all blend together as a nice cohesive unit of Pooja area in your home.

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Traditional Pooja Room Door Embellishment

Pooja room door designs

This Pooja room design ideas is the perfect match for those looking to give a bold look to their house’s spiritual space. This temple room door design emphasizes the importance of the space in your living room due to its bold structure. The pillars at the side not just add strength but also fosters its eye-catching look. The color scheme of this Pooja room door design is simultaneously subtle and bold. This design and the products are available right here.

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