10 Unique Pooja Room Door Designs

An Indian home can’t be made attractive unless it contains a perfectly matching Pooja room. Given its importance to all homes, the pooja room designs are always deliberated over multiple times. And the best pooja room ideas are always available right here at our Artisticks’ website. Each mandir room design is given due attention keeping in mind the aesthetics, reliability, and suitability to each home. Begin your auspicious journey of selecting the elegant Pooja room designs for your home with Artisticks.

Metal Pooja Room Door Accessories

For those who would rather prefer a simple, neat and engaging design for the Pooja room doors in their house, this design from the Artisticks’ ticks all the required boxes. The two lotus motifs at the top surround the motif of goddess Laxmi, and various other symbols and signs associated with the gods are well-placed neatly in this design to give your home a simple, neat, and beautiful look.

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Modern Pooja Room Door With Metal Panel

The sleek and modern look of this Pooja room design is ideal for those looking for a design that brings in the concept of minimalism. Its clear transparent glass enables you to worship the deities without getting into the space every time you wish to take blessings or offer prayers.  Product always available right here at Artistick’s, this design is sure to give your Pooja room a bright and peaceful feeling.

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Aesthetic Pooja Room Door With Metal Accessories

This gorgeous design makes its impact instantly, thanks to its grandeur. The magnificence of this Pooja room with door design is sure to grab attention of all your guests. This design also has two grand motifs of deities at the sides of the doors, emphasizing its overall spiritual vibe. It also has space for Bell accessories. Make a grand impact with this design now available right here at Artisticks

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Contemporary Pooja Room Door Design

One more way to exaggerate the importance of your modern Pooja room is with this design available at Artisticks’. The door frame is thick and wide, which helps in stability and gives the whole design a fresh bold look. The handles are shaped in a way to resemble the ‘Veena’, a delight for the music lovers at your home.Give your home a bold and ‘musical-ly’ feel with this design.

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Antique Pooja Room Door Design For Indian Homes

The top part of this Pooja room design has a beautiful motif of goddess Laxmi – the god of wealth –found in most homes. The Kalash motifs are neatly arranged in the door frame of this design. All Indian homes having this design speak of simple and bold design preference. Bring in the aura of the gods into your home with this design available at Artisticks.

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Artistic Temple Room Door Design

If you’re looking for a tall and traditional design for the pooja mandir designs for your home, then this must be your perfect choice. The design brings in a traditional South Indian look to your beautiful home. It also houses the goddess Laxmi at the top, and two kalash motifs at the bottom which give your spiritual place an atmosphere of the divine and the gods, even before entering the Pooja room in your house.

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Pooja Room Door With Metallic Touch

This is yet another pooja room ideas in living room which consists of the goddess Laxmi at the top. The design of the door is modern and bold – the floor-to-ceiling thick door frame gives it the boldness and the neatly carved wood in the door brings in the modern look. Let your homes speak of a modern and bold look with this Pooja room design available at Artisitcks’.

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Pooja Mandir Door Design With Astalakshmi

Don’t get deterred by the small size of your home as this new design now comes to your rescue. This portable pooja mandir design for halls is unique in its own way, as it houses only one Deity, The Lord Astalakshmi, who is worshiped before making any new beginnings. The thick base, four pillars at the sides and the top part all blend together as a nice cohesive unit of Pooja area in your home.

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Traditional Pooja Room Door Embellishment

Pooja room door designs

This Pooja room design ideas is the perfect match for those looking to give a bold look to their house’s spiritual space. This temple room door design emphasizes the importance of the space in your living room due to its bold structure. The pillars at the side not just add strength but also fosters its eye-catching look. The color scheme of this Pooja room door design is simultaneously subtle and bold. This design and the products are available right here.

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Largest Metal Wall Mural Project

Design Concept “Evolution of the wheel and the resultant technological advancement”

Metal: White metal, Size: Width – 70’ and Height – 40’ 

Designed and created by Artisticks

The mural covers the InfoTech Park building in Chennai.

Let’s take a walk down the Memory Lane as we share memories from our Wall mural project.

We rarely realize that a mere phone call we receive could sometimes make a marked difference in our lives. On a mundane evening, we received a call from the Principal Architect Mr. ShivaShankar of Eskay Designs at Chennai. He is well-known for pushing the limits of the Artisticks’ team and making them work on creative concepts along with its implementation on a large scale. We were then, a moderately broad-based team working for leading architects in India.

An InfoTech park was then being developed on prime property on the outskirts of the city, where once the iconic Standard Motors had its core manufacturing facility. Mr. ShivaShankar, as a Designer, rarely chooses to provide a free hand to agencies he commissions on projects. We are now proud to say that we were one of those few teams under his deployment to be given an independent responsibility to design and execute creative solutions on his pet projects.

We had a twin challenge — identifying the subject and size of the wall mural. Being creative in the concept is miles away from conceiving a creative idea in the context of a huge backgrounder landscape, especially when the size would be in the order of 70’ width by 40’ height. The Metal wall mural would hence cover the entire face of the building. Conspicuous to note here is that more than 50′ space was left empty in front of the prime building, which provides a full view of the entire size of the mural, right from the entrance gate. Therefore, we were faced with a challenge to choose the best in size, subject, and the optimum placement of the mural, and thus it landed our team a big opportunity to display our creative abilities

Our team flung into action. After a series of discussions and brainstorming with the team and the Designer, we shortlisted the concept “Evolution of the wheel and the resultant technological advancement”. The concept acknowledges the legendary automobile entity on whose property the InfoTech Park was then built upon. The design was based on a theme featuring the various stages of evolution of the wheel which catalyzed the development of crank and the subsequent engineering and technological modules. All of these were represented with various two-dimensional images to make a wholesome conceptual design.

Both the Architect and the client were quite impressed with the design. We now had the challenge of executing the sheer size of the mural.

  1. We needed to cover a floor size of 70’x40’ to develop the exact enlargement of the design.
  2. We also had to visualize the actual depth required to achieve the final visual impact that we had imagined. 
  3. We had to assess the structural strength of the building to endure such a huge volume of metal.
  4. Finally, on completion, the next challenge was to transport an entire lot of components to the site
  5. and devise ways and means to fix the complex set of components in the process of installing the mural on site. 
Arulmigu Vadapalani Temple Project
vadapalani temple