Surya Kund in Ayodhya

The Legacy of Artisticks in Revolutionary Ayodhya

There is no denying the fact that the ancient city of Ayodhya in Uttar Pradesh is one of the most sought-after cities in India today and one that is on everybody’s wish list.  The grand consecration aka Pran Pratishtha ceremony of the idol of Ram Lalla in the sanctum sanctorum of the historic Ram mandir on 22-January’24 marked the successful opening of the Ayodhya Ram Mandir.  This was a moment that was much awaited by the people of the country and it is been a spectacular home coming for Ayodhya Shri Ram.

Kunds: Intrinsically Connected with Lord Rama

Kunds: Intrinsically Connected with Lord Rama Apart from the Ram Mandir, Ayodhya is set for an unprecedented and massive transformation in the coming years with over 200 mega projects underway.  This translates into a development of over INR 30,000 crores which is all set to make Ayodhya one of the most beautiful and happening cities of the world.  While the Ayodhya Ram temple is literally the heart and the soul of the town, the city is also known for its legendary ponds which are locally known as Kunds.  They are scattered across the city and have immense mythological importance.  Revered by sadhus, travellers and locals alike, there are several fairs and festivals centred around these kunds.  They are intrinsically associated with the life of Lord Rama and his brothers and taking a dip in them is considered to be very auspicious.  Bharata kund, Dantdhawan kund, Khajuha kund and Surya Kund are some of the most significant and popular ponds of the city.  The Surya Kund is situated in Darshan Bazar near Ayodhya and is believed to have been constructed bying ‘Darshan’ who is said to be the descendant of Lord Rama.  The Surya temple close by attracts locals, tourists as well as pilgrims from far and wide.

Mural of the Sun God by the House of Artisticks

The team of Artisticks is delighted to announce that a bespoke decorative outdoor mural crafted by their team has now been installed at the entrance of Surya Kund.  A majestic showstopper this one is unmissable if you visit Surya Kund in Ayodhya.  Handcrafted, this external wall elevation mural has been designed in a resplendent golden hue; a colour which is synonymous with the Sun God.  Associated with power and strength, the Sun God or Lord Surya is often represented as a God riding a chariot drawn by seven horses.  This universal symbol denotes radiance and the journey of the sun across the sky.  It also symbolizes the omnipresence of the God as He spreads His light and warmth across the universe. 

the mural design accurately brings this image of Lord Surya to life with its impeccable craftsmanship.  While the Lord drawing His chariot of seven horses is depicted on either side, the central part of the wall mural connecting the two chariots is the sun.  The latter has been represented as a semi-circle with sharp rays emanating from the centre.  The expression of the Lord, the power of the horses and the overall finishing is almost flawless making it a perfect fit for the city of Ayodhya. 

This decorative wall mural is a masterpiece in metal wall art and is well suited for the outdoors.  It adds contextual beauty to the space and is a conversation starter for sure.  Handcrafted with great attention to detail, the entire piece bears a uniform hue. The finishing has a subtle sheen which not only gives it a royal look but also makes it look extremely beautiful both during the day as well as night time.  The cynosure of all eyes, this grandiose piece has been crafted in BMAF and weighs over a whopping 1300 kg.  This 30 feet plus masterpiece took a total of 98 days to make which is a reflection of the skill and unwavering commitment of our artisans.

Known for their exclusive products, the house of Artisticks offer a wide variety of metal wall art suitable for a plethora of décor styles and design sensibilities.  These decorative murals can be installed in the exterior or interior of your home.  Offered in classic and contemporary styles, these wall murals have been painstakingly crafted in various exclusive designs.  Check out our website for more such decorative wall art for your home, office and other spaces. Also, the next time you visit the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya, do not forget to check out the legacy of Artisticks at Suraj Kund in this ancient holy town. 

Reverence and Auspiciousness of Gajalakshmi in Pooja Room at Home

Invoking the Goddess of Wealth and Power: Gajalakshmi

It is often said that the act of praying is to communicate with the essence. Wrapped in faith and hope, praying and worshipping the divine is intrinsic to our culture and is known to invoke positive vibes in our homes. Among the Gods and Goddess in the Hindu Pantheon, Goddess Lakshmi is arguably one of the most important and prominent deities who is worshipped universally throughout the country. The divine consort of Lord Vishnu, Goddess Lakshmi is known to be the universal symbol of wealth, prosperity, good fortune and auspiciousness. Known to bestow Her devotees with abundance, grace and blessings, Goddess Lakshmi is also referred to as Mahalakshmi and is believed to have eight forms.  Each of the forms, namely Dhana Lakshmi, Vijaya Lakshmi, Dhanya Lakshmi, Gaja Lakshmi, Vidya Lakshmi, Adi Lakshmi, Veera Lakshmi and Santana Lakshmi have a special significance.  And one of the most powerful of these forms is Goddess Gajalakshmi.

Epitome of Royalty and Power

Considered highly auspicious, Goddess Gajalakshmi is ubiquitously worshipped and hence a Gajalakshmi statue or a Gajalakshmi idol is often found in homes, shops, establishments, trading centers and the like.  She is a picture of calm and radiance and is depicted with four arms and is flanked by two white elephants on either side. The elephants are seen showering Her with holy water. She is portrayed carrying lotuses in two of Her hands, while the other two are in the Abhaya Mudra and Varada Mudra positions.

According to mythology, Gajendra, the divine elephant and Goddess Lakshmi often offered prayers to Lord Vishnu together. However, due to his large size, the pace of the elephant was a little slower when compared to Goddess Lakshmi due to which he could not perform the rituals as quickly as Her.  Witnessing this, Lord Vishnu then requested Goddess Lakshmi to join him so that they could offer prayers together and thus was born this avatar of Goddess Lakshmi.  Believed to be highly powerful, Gajalakshmi is also known to have restored all the lost wealth of Lord Indra when She arose from the Samudra Manthana or the churning of the cosmic ocean.

Aura of Positive Vibes

Worshipping Gajalakshmi at home is considered to be highly auspicious and invokes vibes of positivity and progress.   Always remember to place the Gajalakshmi idol or the Gajalakshmi statue in the pooja room and in the northeastern direction.  Offering of brightly coloured flowers and lamps is known to appease the Goddess.  Ghee lamps are also considered extremely sacred and are often lit during the pooja which is conducted on Friday evening.  It is a ritual to chant Lakshmi Ashtothram followed by an offering of naivedyam, mangalarthi and finally the lighting of incense sticks.  Fridays are considered to be holy for the Goddess and the pooja is believed to bring in abundance of wealth and prosperity.  Thus, it is common to witness Friday evening Lakshmi pooja in offices and business establishments where an offering of puffed rice is made to the Goddess and then distributed to everyone as prasadam.  It is key to remember that while you may keep the Gajalakshmi idol or Gajalakshmi statue in your home, it is more important to ensure that your house is clean and clutter free for it is believed that the Goddess will stay in a house that is neat and tidy. 

Gajalakshmi Offerings by Artisticks

If you are looking to buy the ideal Gajalakshmi idol, Gajalakshmi statue or Gajalakshmi panel for your pooja space, look no further than the house of Artisticks.  We offer an entire range of ornately crafted door panels that are the perfect accessory for your pooja room door or pooja room space.  These bespoke pieces are thoughtfully designed with a touch of exclusivity and is sure to add an element of sophisticated elegance to your home.  With utmost attention to detail, these pieces are impeccably finished and are crafted in a variety of materials including brass and copper.  The designs seamlessly integrate tradition and functionality and are amenable to a wide range of design sensibilities whether modern or ethnic.  These Gajalakshmi panels are sure to not only elevate the aesthetics of your pooja space but also add a touch of divinity to your home.  So, what are you waiting for?  Check out the Artisticks website for more details and invoke the blessings of Goddess Gajalakshmi for your abode today.

Significance of Dasavatharam Pooja Door Accessories

Pooja Room Door: The Gateway of Positive Energies

There is little doubt that the pooja aka puja room is arguably one of the most important and significant spaces of your home.  A space where you invoke the divine, indulge in prayer and reflect in solitude, the pooja room is often associated with sanctity and purity.  It is an area that is designed after much thought and consideration as it is believed to be the fulcrum of all positive and divine energy.  And when it comes to designing the puja room, one of the most important aspects of the space is the pooja room door and the threshold.

Pooja room door accessories

Pooja Room Door: A Key Element

According to Vastu Shastra, it is mandatory to have a door for your pooja room as it is the channel through which divine energy is passed on to the entire house.  It is believed that without the door, the pooja room is akin to any other space in the home and is devoid of the sacred aura.   Further, it is believed that just like humans, Gods too require rest and personal space which is also the reason why pooja room doors are mandatory.  It helps maintain the ambiance of piety and preserves the holiness of the entire space.  A double-door design for the pooja room is ideal as it is both functional as well as aesthetic. 

While choosing a pooja room door, it is recommended that you opt for a primary material like wood.  Wood is structurally strong, natural and Vastu compliant.  Wood is also amenable to a number of styles and you can use it to build either a traditional or more contemporary style pooja room door.  It is also a great material to execute intricate designs, carvings and sculptures which are all great ideas for a pooja room door.  However, solid wood is comparatively more expensive than other materials and requires a high level of maintenance too.  Glass pooja room doors as well as those made from plywood are other choices that are popular and work well with a variety of décor styles and design sensibilities. 

Artisticks: A One-Stop Shop for all your Pooja Door Needs

If you are looking for elegant pooja room door design ideas for your home, look no further than the House of Artisticks as they offer a complete range of door designs that are suitable for a variety of materials including solid wood, plywood, glass etc.  They offer exquisite door handles and embellishments like bells, motifs, murals, etc. that can be used to accentuate the look and feel of the door.  The designs range from classic to contemporary and even purely ethnic and traditional and are totally suitable for pooja doors in Indian homes. 

If you are a fan of temple door designs, Artisticks offers a plethora of options.  Some of them include Ashta Lakshmi, Shanku-Chakra motifs and images of other Gods and Goddesses.  If minimalistic and subtle designs are your style, then you can go in for minimalistic designs crafted in brass or white metal

which can be easily embossed on the pooja room door.  Artisticks also has intricate grill accessories akin to lattice work which give your pooja door a refined and sophisticated look.   All you have to do is browse the website, pick and choose and finally mix and match according to your taste and overall décor theme.

Dasavathara Pooja Door Embellishments: a unique offering from Artisticks

The importance and deep significance of the Dashavataras in Hindu mythology are well known to all.  As an ode to Lord Vishnu and his ten forms, Artisticks has created a unique offering in the form of ornately crafted brass pooja door embellishments that form an invaluable asset to your pooja room door.  The set has been made with great attention to detail and the almost flawless craftsmanship captures the essence of each form perfectly.  Ideal for solid wood pooja room doors, this one fits well onto a double-door pooja room.  The motifs are consistent in terms of size and the overall look serves to accentuate the pooja room entrance design. 

The ten forms represent the ten times Lord Vishnu has set foot on earth whenever there was a need to restore cosmic order.  It is key to note that each time the Lord takes on a more developed or progressive form right from a fish to finally a human.  The actual avatars of Vishnu are:

  • Matsya (Fish)
  • Kurma (Tortoise)
  • Varaha (Boar)
  • Narasimha (half man, half lion)
  • Vamana (dwarf)
  • Parashurama
  • Rama
  • Krishna
  • Balarama
  • Kalki

Significance of Dasavathara

Vishnu is often considered one of the most supreme Gods in Hindu mythology and is known to be the preserver of the entire universe.  His power is unparalleled and his ten forms represent evolution and progress.  Derived from the words “Dasha” which means ten and “Avatar” which means descent, the Dasavathara is known to play a major role in shaping human evolution through the centuries.  Each time Lord Vishnu descended on the earth, it was with the objective of upholding Dharma and allowing good to triumph over evil. 

It is believed that of the ten avatars, the first four avatars happened in Satya or Krita Yuga which is also known as the ‘The Golden Age’. The next three forms appeared in Treta Yuga while the eighth and ninth forms appeared in Dwapara Yuga.  The tenth form is expected to appear in Kali Yuga. Each form of the Dashavatara is associated with a particular mythology.

Ten Unique Forms

1.The Matysa Avatar is the first of the Dasavatharas in which Lord Vishnu appeared in part-fish, part-human form and saved sage Manu and others as they were escaping the great deluge.  The fish with the help of its horn steered the ship which had all forms of life in it safely to the Himalayas.  The species took refuge in the Himalayas, increased in number and life was slowly restored on earth.  The Matysa avatar represents alertness and sharpness. 

2.The Kurma or Tortoise Avatar was the second form that appeared in Satya yuga wherein Lord Vishnu helped the Gods defeat the demons and asuras as both sides were churning the ocean for the nectar of immortality or Amruta.  As the mountains started to sink, Lord Vishnu in the form of a tortoise bore the entire weight of the mountain.  This avatar is a symbol of self-confidence. 

3.The Varaha or half boar-half man form appeared in the Satya yuga during which he defeated the demon Hiranyaksha and retrieved the earth from the ocean by holding it up on His tusks.  The Varaha avatar explains the importance of giving up material desires for spiritual ones.  Till date, Varaha is worshipped as the upholder of the earth and the eternal protector of land and property.

4.The Narasimha Avatar of Lord Vishnu refers to his half man, half lion form which He undertook to protect the earth from the despotic ruler Hiranyakashipu.  The form with the body of a man but the head and claws of a lion is considered as one of the most powerful forms of Lord Vishnu.

5.The Vamana or Dwarf Avatar appeared in the Treta yuga.  It is the first form where the Lord appeared in human form.  During this time, he retrieved the kingdom of Gods from the Asura king Mahabali and handed it back to Lord Indra.  He taught the king the value of humility and the fact that wealth is transient.

6.The Parashurama Avatar is often referred to as the Brahmin warrior and is considered as one of the eight immortals of Hindu mythology.  Lord Vishnu took this form to destroy all Kshatriyas who had forgotten their Dharma. Parashurama obtained a divine axe from Lord Shiva for this purpose.

7.The Rama Avatar is one of the most revered forms of Lord Vishnu and took place in the Treta Yuga.  During this period, the Lord destroyed evil king Havana who had abducted his wife Sita.  Lord Rama is the embodiment of truth, ethics, and righteousness and is worshipped even today. 

8.The Krishna Avatar took place in the Dwapara Yuga and He is the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu.  During this time, he killed many evil forces and guided the Pandavas to victory over the Kauravas.  He also narrated the Bhagavad Gita to Arjuna and is well known to have motivated him to win the battle for the Pandavas.

9. Balarama is a significant figure in Hindu mythology and is considered an avatar of Lord Vishnu. He is often referred to as Balarama or Baladeva and is the elder brother of Lord Krishna. In Hinduism, Balarama is known for his immense strength and his role as a loyal companion and supporter of Krishna..

10.The last avatar of Lord Vishnu is Kalki.  It is a form that is yet to manifest and is forecasted to appear on a white horse at the end of Kali Yuga. With its sword, it is predicted that Kalki will destroy all evil and unrighteousness at the end of Kali Yuga.

Dasavathara at Home

Having the Dasavathara at home is considered to be an auspicious sign and is known to bring peace and well-being.  The Dasavathara motif set from Artisticks is sure to enhance your pooja room door and bring in plenty of positive vibes.  The offering is truly niche and is a good choice if you are a fan of temple door designs that are suitable for pooja room doors for Indian homes.  So, what are you waiting for, head over to the Artisticks website and order one for your home today!

Significance of AshtaLakshmi in Pooja Room Door Designs in India

Ashta Lakshmi

A powerful and highly auspicious manifestation of Shakti (the divine feminine), Goddess Lakshmi is often referred to as the Goddess of wealth and prosperity. She is the consort of Lord Vishnu and is worshipped in eight unique forms, each of whom bestows a specific kind of wealth.  Here is a look at the eight forms of Lakshmi, commonly called Ashtalakshmi”.

1.Adhi Lakshmi

Adhi means “first”; hence, Adhi Lakshmi is said to be the primordial form of the Goddess.  She is the embodiment of compassion and is always ready to aid those who live every moment striving towards the ultimate spiritual aim of life.  She helps a person attain life’s foremost objective i.e. freedom from the cycle of death and rebirth.  She is thus known also as Moksha Pradayani or one who bestows liberation.

2.Dhana Lakshmi

While the literal translation of Dhana is “wealth” in terms of money, gold, property etc., Dhana also refers to qualities like willpower, strength, courage, determination and perseverance. Dhana Lakshmi is believed to favour devotees who work hard by providing them with wealth and prosperity. She is known to be the storehouse of all the universe’s wealth and helps devotees who are sincere and persevere despite all difficulties

3.Dhanya Lakshmi

Dhanya means “blessed,” and as life would be impossible without food, Dhanya Lakshmi blesses her devotees with the great fortune of agricultural wealth. Devotees, in turn, show their gratitude by honouring her before partaking in meals and by offering food to others who are in need of the same.

4.Gaja Lakshmi

Flanked on either side by elephants and sitting on a lotus, Gaja Lakshmi was traditionally worshipped by farmers whose cows and bulls would provide dairy and till the land. She is worshipped for good rain and to alleviate poverty.  Gaja which means elephant signifies power and royalty and Gaja Lakshmi is widely believed to be the giver and protector of wealth, prosperity, grace and royalty.

5.Santhana Lakshmi

Traditionally prayed by couples desiring children, Santhana Lakshmi (santhana meaning “progeny,” or “children”) symbolizes fertility and happiness.  She also signifies the ferocity of a protective mother and fulfils the desire of those longing for an offspring. 

6.Veera Lakshmi

A symbol of bravery and valour, Veera Lakshmi blesses her devotees with the strength required to overcome obstacles. Wielding a medley of weapons, she is also called Dhairya Lakshmi (‘dhairya’ means courage) and is known to grant one the fearlessness needed to persevere through life’s ups and downs.  She is believed to favour those who resolve to remain determined and optimistic in all circumstances

7.Vidya Lakshmi

As Vidya means “knowledge,” this form of Lakshmi bestows one with wisdom and intellectual development. For those who are troubled by self-doubt and insecurity, Vidya Lakshmi is known to bring knowledge to foster mental resilience and will power.   More importantly, she also provides divine wisdom to those who are looking to spiritually transform their lives.

8.Vijaya Lakshmi

Vijaya Lakshmi, whose first name means “victory,” is a bestower of success and instills devotees with hope and inspiration.  Vijaya Lakshmi favours those who maintain a positive attitude in the face of adversities and blesses them with happiness and success. 

In general, the presence of Goddess Lakshmi can be invoked by maintaining cleanliness, offering flowers and lighting lamps. Always remember to pray with purity, sincerity, gratitude and utmost devotion.

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Should Your Pooja Room Have Doors?

First of all, make sure the Pooja room has a door. A mandir without a door is simply like the other rooms of the house and no more sacred – God deserves their space!

How to decorate Pooja’s room?

Choose a distinctive Pooja door design, create a beautiful backdrop for the Pooja room, Use effective lighting and Fix some door accessories, idols, and bells.

What type of metal is best for Pooja door accessories?

Brass is good for puja and Decorative items at home. The Vedic texts have showcased the use of brass metal to attract positivity and abundance in life.

How Can Artisticks Help You?

We hope that our list of door accessories has helped you to know which type of design would best match your style and needs for your Pooja Room.

Artisticks will be back with the next blog soon, till then, stay tuned!

Massive Tree Wall Mural Honoring 11,300 Employees at ICF Administrative Building

“Art has the power to transform, to illuminate, to educate, inspire and motivate – Harvey Fierstein”

There is no denying the fact that art in any form can serve as a powerful tool of transformation.  It offers opportunities to spur thought, spark conversations, connect and engage a diverse group of people and inspire them to work towards a common objective.  Hence, it is no surprise that art plays a key role in workspaces and offices.  And one of the best ways of incorporating art in offices is through murals.  Fascinating and visually engaging, murals are an ancient form of art which involves painting directly on an external substrate which includes walls and ceilings.  Originating from the Latin word “murus”, murals incorporate a plethora of techniques including encaustic painting, fresco painting, ceramics, inlay work and even fired porcelain enamel.  Murals are a great idea if you are looking to give your workspace a lively, energetic vibe.  They not only give the space an instant makeover but also help spark wonder, encourage creativity and inspire positive action from the employees. 

Exclusive Wall murals from Artistick’s

We at Artistick’s are specialists in creating customized murals for our clients which are both aesthetic as well as unique.  Walls often serve as blank canvases and are a perfect platform for us to execute the vision of our clients.  Arguably one of our most satisfying projects in the recent past was the one we completed for the Integral Coach Factory (ICF) in Chennai.  A pioneer in the manufacturing of rail coaches, ICF, Chennai is one of the four rake production units of the Indian Railways and has been in existence since 1955.  With over 2000 coaches rolled out this financial year, ICF has been instrumental in conceiving and launching the much-coveted train “Vande Bharath”

We were commissioned to execute the special “Family Tree” mural in the administrative block of ICF, Chennai and our artists worked tirelessly to bring this vision to reality.  Handcrafted in White Metal Antique Finish, the mural is a whopping 8 feet tall and Tree Size W 125″X H 80″ & back side work CNC size W 220″X H 56″ feet wide.  Articulated in the form of a tree with a strong trunk and extensive branches reaching out in all directions, this mural is a symbol of growth, progress and the power of team work.  It took a total of 30 days to complete this masterpiece with close to 15 talented artisans working tirelessly on the project.  Unarguably the best part of the piece is the incorporation of the faces of all 11,300 employees towards the bottom half of the mural.  This has been seamlessly done making it an integral part of the mural.  It is key to note that this is not only an extension of the artwork but a crucial element that acknowledges the invaluable contribution of each employee towards the growth of the organization.  This is also the reason the mural is aptly named “Family Tree”. 

 Mural: a Tool for Fostering a Culture of Empathy and Openness

The mural crafted in muted tones of aureate, honey and blonde, has managed to exude an ambience of positivity and cheer in the workspace.   Needless to mention, it has elevated the aesthetic quotient of the space exponentially considering it was earlier used by the janitor and housekeeping team to store their wares.  The space has now become a selfie hotspot for employees who are joyous to find themselves on the “family tree”.  According to the management, the artwork has definitely ignited a feeling of pride and ownership amongst the employees while reinforcing a spirit of communion and teamwork.  It has been successful in serving as a subtle transformational tool in shunning the conventional controlling culture to encouraging a more open and consultative approach.   An ideal example of art being used to bring about a positive change. 

It has been an extremely exciting and fulfilling project for us, considering that our artwork has been instrumental in bringing a change in the right direction.  While it has definitely beautified the space, the deeper impact it has had on the work culture and environment has given us immense satisfaction.  This has only reinforced our belief that art is versatile and that its power cannot be under estimated. It can be an effective catalyst for inspiring positive change and motivate individuals to put their best foot forward.  Art can surely alter perspectives, facilitate exchanges, promote teamwork allowing people of an organization to imagine better solutions for a brighter tomorrow. 

TOP 3 Metal Wall Sculptures | Wall Murals from Artistick’s

A Historical and Cultural Extravaganza on the Wall

Few wall artefacts or installations create a more powerful statement than the one created by a hand-crafted mural.  Murals are pieces of graphic artwork that involve painting directly on the wall or any other permanent substrate and involve a plethora of techniques.  Some of the common techniques used for murals include fresco, mosaic, graffiti and marouflage.  Murals are an excellent choice for large spaces and serve as perfect showstoppers or conversation starters in any room.  Derived from the Latin word “murus” which translates into wall, murals are a great way to introduce art into any space. 

Statement Murals from Artistick’s

We at Artistick’s have a wide variety of murals suitable for a plethora of commercial and residential spaces.  From simple classic pieces that suit minimalistic design sensibilities to highly intricate art pieces, we have murals to suit multiple décor styles, whether contemporary, ethnic, traditional or modern.  One project that we particularly enjoyed executing was the 20 feet customized mural installed at the DGP office in Chennai.  This 8-foot-wide masterpiece has an eclectic mix of historical, cultural and mythological elements making it an extremely attractive, eye-catching piece.  A labour of love and passion, this one sits proudly against a powder blue wall while lending the entire space a traditional and ethnic vibe. 

Unique Design

The mural made using white metal and mixed media is handcrafted and has distinctive components that are steeped in culture and tradition.  The entire piece has a subtle sheen and this matte finish gives the piece a dimension of subtle sophistication and under stated elegance.  The metallic colours give the piece a rich look and the palette is a winning combination of dull gold, copper, sage, lilac and iceberg blue.  The colours merge beautifully and seamlessly which gives the piece a timeless appeal.  The art work on the mural is divided roughly into three sections with gold dominating the upper portion of the two corners.  The central part and the lower portion of the mural has a medley of the rest of the hues.  This strategic division creates a wonderful play of light making it the cynosure of all eyes.

Reflection of our Rich History and Culture

Elephants, peacocks, kalashams, sages, Nandi (aka the holy bull), dancing apsaras, temple gopurams, bow and arrows, tigers…. the list of motifs depicted is almost endless.  They are all impeccably handcrafted and are a reflection of our fascinating past.  Intricate patterns, ornate carvings and delicate designs add to the overall beauty of the piece.  The motifs are related to the golden era of the Cholas, Cheras and Pandyas who ruled over Tamil Nadu during the Sangam period.  Architectural elements like pillars and the grandeur of temple towers have been showcased and so are the rock sculptures of Mahabalipuram (Mamallapuram).  Mythological figures and mythical creatures like water nymphs, fish, horses and powerful emperors are testament of the rich legacy of the past.  References to the 3rd century coupled with valiant scenes of the battle field make it a visually engaging piece.

The near perfect finishing and flawless execution makes this piece a true treasure and an asset from the house of Artistick’s. With incredibly talented artisans working painstakingly on the mural for close to 35 Days, this mural was completed in 4th March 2019 and handed over to the proud owners at DGP, Chennai.

Do take a look if you get a chance to visit the office and let us know what you think! We would love to hear your feedback.


“Let their strength and beauty bring clarity and calmness to its holder”

“Let our hopes and dreams bring peace and prosperity to everyone”

1. Large, sleek, and functional this main door handle crafted in copper lends in an elegant look for your front door.  Given that long door handles for front doors work perfectly to create a sense of security and steadfastness, this one from the Pranam range is presented by the house of Artisticks is an ideal choice.

2. Looking to add an artistic touch to your front door handle? Go in for this brass main door handle that has been specially crafted with an aesthetic floral design.  A perfect combination and art and functionality, this Pranam handle from Artisticks is one among their perfect latest door handle designs.

3. Sturdy and robust, this white metal main door handle is the ideal choice if you are looking for something totally classy and elegant.  It has a subtle textured finish and is replete with an oxidized vibe making it a unique asset that is sure to enhance your front door.

4. If understated sophistication is your style, go in for this huge main door handle that is crafted in brass.  With a simple textured design at both ends, this front door handle is versatile and suited for all door styles and whether your décor aesthetic is contemporary or traditional.

5. Quirky with a contemporary appeal, this unconventionally designed main door handle is sure to be a conversation starter on your front door. Crafted in the Art Nouveau style, this handle is made from brass. The modern main door handle has a curved finish but it is ergonomically designed ensuring safety, functionality, and ease of use.

6. If you are looking to make an impactful statement with your main door handle, go in for this beautifully crafted   Art Nouveau white metal handle for your front door. It has an intricate design on either end and is finished with a distressed look that makes it the right fit for your home.

7. Fancy something truly unusual for your main door? This modern main door handle from the Pranam range is apt considering its new-age design.   Crafted like a rope, the craftsmanship of this large door handles what sets it apart.  Moreover, it lends an element of grace to your door.

8. If you are fan of ethnic and traditional designs, this uniquely designed huge main door handle is for you.  Crafted intricately to resemble a leaf replete with veins, this long door handle from the Pranam range presented by the house of Artisticks is the synergy between creativity and functionality.

9. Aesthetically designed with a touch of glam, this large main door handle perfectly complements a wide variety of door types as well as décor styles.  Made from brass, this big main door handle has an intricate floral design with leaves et al making it a pretty asset for your front door.

10. Robust, steadfast, and sturdy, this big door handle looks majestic on the main door.  Textured at the ends, this huge main door handle has a twisted finish in the center making it convenient to grip and grasp.  Attention to detail and impeccable craftsmanship makes it attractive and a right fit for your door!

15 Handcrafted Mirrors That Will Make You Wonder

A Moon reflected on a serene lake, shines more beautiful than the Lune,
a song echoed from a different shore sounds more smoothing than the tune…

Graceful Oval Fern Leaf Brass Wall Mirror

Decorative Wall Mirror

Aesthetically crafted with a distinct modern appeal, this brass fern leaf mirror is just what you need to add a touch of class and panache to your living space. Perfect even for the foyer area or your bedroom space, this mirror from the Sumukhi collection of Artisticks is sure to add the subtle element of glamour to your interiors.

Majestic Arched Frame Brass Wall Mirror

Mirror Frame

Hanging it either over a console table or just on the wall opposite your main door is sure to enhance and amplify the beauty of the place. Curated in brass, this mirror from the Sumukhi collection of Artisticks has a unique arch top which makes it an asset in your entryway.

Chic Round Rope Framed Mirror

Wall Mirror Ideas

If minimalism is your style, go in for this thin frame round mirror from the Sumukhi collection by Artisticks. Simple and chic, it is a symbol of understated elegance and works perfectly in your passageway, living area and even study.

Eclectic Pentagon-Shaped Brass Mirror

Brass Mirror Frame

This pentagon shaped brass mirror from the Sumukhi collection by Artisticks is for anyone who loves to experiment and is a fan of the unconventional. If you are looking to create a statement wall in your living room, this one is an ideal fit.

Elegant Round Shape Decorative Wall Mirror Frame

Decorative Wall Mirror

This finely crafted mirror with a bit of detailing on its brass frame is subtle yet manages to add texture to your living room wall. A product of the Sumukhi collection by Artisticks, this mirror can effortlessly form the focal point of any space of your interiors.

Ornate Sun-Shaped Brass Mirror

Mirror design

If you are looking to add an element of vibrance to your interiors, choose this types of Decorative Wall Mirror frame from the Sumukhi collection by Artisticks. Intricately crafted in brass with immense attention to detail, this one is sure to add bright and positive vibes to your space!

Stylish Textured Frame Brass Mirror

Mirror Frame

This multi layered brass spherical Decorative Wall Mirror Frame from the Sumukhi collection by Artisticks, is the right fit if you are looking for a piece that is a perfect blend of style and simplicity. The frame which is neither too plain nor too ostentatious, manages to add a subtle hint of drama to your walls while still giving it a stately look.

Sophisticated Branch Shaped Frame Mirror

Mirror Frame ideas

Intricately crafted in the shape of a branch, the brass frame of this Types of decorative wall mirror from the Sumukhi collection by Artisticks forms its focal point. Given the level of detailing, it is an ideal fit as a statement piece in your living room wall. It is sure to draw a lot of positive attention!

Resplendent Geometric Pattern White Metal Mirror Frame

Mirror Frame for home

If you are a fan of patterns and textures, this white metal neo geometric mirror from the Sumukhi collection by Artisticks is for you. This uniquely framed piece forms for a perfect fit if your décor aesthetic is minimalistic, fuss free, contemporary and chic.

Avant Garde Copper Hued Art Nouveau Mirror

decorative wall mirror

This copper art nouveau mirror from the Sumukhi collection by Artisticks is surely a one of its kind. Crafted in copper with a hint of dusty rose, the piece has a timeless appeal and effortlessly adds oodles of sophistication to your interiors.

Unique Abstract Shaped Brass Mirror

Wall decor ideas

If you are someone who prefers to give your space a classic touch but with a difference, this white metal modern fluid mirror from the Sumukhi collection by Artisticks is the right choice. The distinctive frame not only adds an element of intrigue to the room but also manages to reflect ample light thereby creating an illusion of space making it work for small and compact spaces.

Exquisite Pentagon Brass Wall Mirror Frame

Wall Mirror Ideas

An abstract design and an unusual pentagon shape makes this mirror from the Sumukhi collection by Artisticks, a trendy piece unlike any other. Crafted in brass, this one works like a charm in interiors done up in either the Scandinavian, Japandi, or even minimalistic style as it adds a subtle and classic vibe to any space.

Aesthetic Round Frame Wall Mirror

Mirror Designs

Simple yet beautifully crafted, this mirror from the Sumukhi collection by Artisticks never fails to impress. Suitable for any décor philosophy whether contemporary or traditional, this exquisite mirror is graceful and lends a refined yet regal look to any wall.

Magnificent Grandiose Frame Brass Mirror

Mirror Frame

This classic brass mirror from the Sumukhi collection from Artisticks has an ornate frame whose design has the touch of tradition. Intricately crafted, this spherical mirror can add the right amount of glitz to make an otherwise plain wall look totally attractive and eye catching.

10 Main Door Design For Home From the House of Artisticks

For The Perfect First Impression

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression – Will Rogers”

It is often said that first impressions often last and when it comes to your home, the first impression starts with the front door. Well, this is definitely the case as the main entrance is one of the key areas of your space and serves as the gateway to your home. So make sure you get this impression right by choosing the ideal front door design for your house. Depending on the overall design philosophy of your home, choose a main door for home design that reflects the same design ethos and aesthetics such that all the elements of your space are in sync.

Main door design

Key Factors To Consider

Whether ornate, simple, enigmatic or elegant, the main door of your home should be a reflection of your taste and personality. Nevertheless, you need to ensure that the door is sturdy, easy to use and fitted with a reliable lock. After all, the main function of the front door is to keep the house secure and protect it from the vagaries of the weather be it sun or rain. Once you have these factors checked in, it is time for you to zero in on the actual door design of which the visual component is a major part. We at Artisticks have a wide variety of front door designs to suit your needs and requirements.

Unique Yet Traditional Designs

As with all our brands and products the Dwari range of doors range from the contemporary to the traditional. Based on your requirements you can choose from the magnificent double door range or the classic single door. The wooden tones not only lend a warm, earthy look but also exude an inviting vibe which is ideal for any front door. The designs are exquisite and a provide a perfect balance of aesthetics and functionality.

If your design philosophy is traditional bordering on the grandiose choose our double doors replete with ergonomic handles and handcrafted brass embellishments. The embellishments are detailed, characterized by impeccable craftsmanship and finishing. The designs are ethnic and have a timeless appeal. A picture of magnificence, Dwari doors are a perfect prelude to your traditional Indian home.

In case you are someone who prefers the fuss free single doors, we have several options here as well. These doors have intricate embellishments with unusual designs including flower and peacock motifs that are elaborate and grand. Complementing this are ornate handles as well as door frames that are richly carved. Dwari doors are an ideal choice if you are into traditional art and craft.

Minimalistic Magic

If understated elegance and sophistication is your style, go in for our doors with chic designs that are again perfectly finished. Choose from simple geometric designs, graceful motifs and refined filigree work. The brass and copper hues accentuate the design and makes it ideal for the customer with a discerning taste. Needless to mention, just like all Dwari doors, the finesse and attention to detail is noteworthy.

Door Embellishment
Main door design for home

10 Unique Pooja Room Door Designs

An Indian home can’t be made attractive unless it contains a perfectly matching Pooja room. Given its importance to all homes, the pooja room designs are always deliberated over multiple times. And the best pooja room ideas are always available right here at our Artisticks’ website. Each mandir room design is given due attention keeping in mind the aesthetics, reliability, and suitability to each home. Begin your auspicious journey of selecting the elegant Pooja room designs for your home with Artisticks.

Metal Pooja Room Door Accessories

For those who would rather prefer a simple, neat and engaging design for the Pooja room doors in their house, this design from the Artisticks’ ticks all the required boxes. The two lotus motifs at the top surround the motif of goddess Laxmi, and various other symbols and signs associated with the gods are well-placed neatly in this design to give your home a simple, neat, and beautiful look.

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Modern Pooja Room Door With Metal Panel

The sleek and modern look of this Pooja room design is ideal for those looking for a design that brings in the concept of minimalism. Its clear transparent glass enables you to worship the deities without getting into the space every time you wish to take blessings or offer prayers.  Product always available right here at Artistick’s, this design is sure to give your Pooja room a bright and peaceful feeling.

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Aesthetic Pooja Room Door With Metal Accessories

This gorgeous design makes its impact instantly, thanks to its grandeur. The magnificence of this Pooja room with door design is sure to grab attention of all your guests. This design also has two grand motifs of deities at the sides of the doors, emphasizing its overall spiritual vibe. It also has space for Bell accessories. Make a grand impact with this design now available right here at Artisticks

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Contemporary Pooja Room Door Design

One more way to exaggerate the importance of your modern Pooja room is with this design available at Artisticks’. The door frame is thick and wide, which helps in stability and gives the whole design a fresh bold look. The handles are shaped in a way to resemble the ‘Veena’, a delight for the music lovers at your home.Give your home a bold and ‘musical-ly’ feel with this design.

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Antique Pooja Room Door Design For Indian Homes

The top part of this Pooja room design has a beautiful motif of goddess Laxmi – the god of wealth –found in most homes. The Kalash motifs are neatly arranged in the door frame of this design. All Indian homes having this design speak of simple and bold design preference. Bring in the aura of the gods into your home with this design available at Artisticks.

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Artistic Temple Room Door Design

If you’re looking for a tall and traditional design for the pooja mandir designs for your home, then this must be your perfect choice. The design brings in a traditional South Indian look to your beautiful home. It also houses the goddess Laxmi at the top, and two kalash motifs at the bottom which give your spiritual place an atmosphere of the divine and the gods, even before entering the Pooja room in your house.

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Pooja Room Door With Metallic Touch

This is yet another pooja room ideas in living room which consists of the goddess Laxmi at the top. The design of the door is modern and bold – the floor-to-ceiling thick door frame gives it the boldness and the neatly carved wood in the door brings in the modern look. Let your homes speak of a modern and bold look with this Pooja room design available at Artisitcks’.

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Pooja Mandir Door Design With Astalakshmi

Don’t get deterred by the small size of your home as this new design now comes to your rescue. This portable pooja mandir design for halls is unique in its own way, as it houses only one Deity, The Lord Astalakshmi, who is worshiped before making any new beginnings. The thick base, four pillars at the sides and the top part all blend together as a nice cohesive unit of Pooja area in your home.

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Traditional Pooja Room Door Embellishment

Pooja room door designs

This Pooja room design ideas is the perfect match for those looking to give a bold look to their house’s spiritual space. This temple room door design emphasizes the importance of the space in your living room due to its bold structure. The pillars at the side not just add strength but also fosters its eye-catching look. The color scheme of this Pooja room door design is simultaneously subtle and bold. This design and the products are available right here.

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vadapalani temple