“Let their strength and beauty bring clarity and calmness to its holder”

“Let our hopes and dreams bring peace and prosperity to everyone”

1. Large, sleek, and functional this main door handle crafted in copper lends in an elegant look for your front door.  Given that long door handles for front doors work perfectly to create a sense of security and steadfastness, this one from the Pranam range is presented by the house of Artisticks is an ideal choice.

2. Looking to add an artistic touch to your front door handle? Go in for this brass main door handle that has been specially crafted with an aesthetic floral design.  A perfect combination and art and functionality, this Pranam handle from Artisticks is one among their perfect latest door handle designs.

3. Sturdy and robust, this white metal main door handle is the ideal choice if you are looking for something totally classy and elegant.  It has a subtle textured finish and is replete with an oxidized vibe making it a unique asset that is sure to enhance your front door.

4. If understated sophistication is your style, go in for this huge main door handle that is crafted in brass.  With a simple textured design at both ends, this front door handle is versatile and suited for all door styles and whether your décor aesthetic is contemporary or traditional.

5. Quirky with a contemporary appeal, this unconventionally designed main door handle is sure to be a conversation starter on your front door. Crafted in the Art Nouveau style, this handle is made from brass. The modern main door handle has a curved finish but it is ergonomically designed ensuring safety, functionality, and ease of use.

6. If you are looking to make an impactful statement with your main door handle, go in for this beautifully crafted   Art Nouveau white metal handle for your front door. It has an intricate design on either end and is finished with a distressed look that makes it the right fit for your home.

7. Fancy something truly unusual for your main door? This modern main door handle from the Pranam range is apt considering its new-age design.   Crafted like a rope, the craftsmanship of this large door handles what sets it apart.  Moreover, it lends an element of grace to your door.

8. If you are fan of ethnic and traditional designs, this uniquely designed huge main door handle is for you.  Crafted intricately to resemble a leaf replete with veins, this long door handle from the Pranam range presented by the house of Artisticks is the synergy between creativity and functionality.

9. Aesthetically designed with a touch of glam, this large main door handle perfectly complements a wide variety of door types as well as décor styles.  Made from brass, this big main door handle has an intricate floral design with leaves et al making it a pretty asset for your front door.

10. Robust, steadfast, and sturdy, this big door handle looks majestic on the main door.  Textured at the ends, this huge main door handle has a twisted finish in the center making it convenient to grip and grasp.  Attention to detail and impeccable craftsmanship makes it attractive and a right fit for your door!

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